The following warriors are Inductees into the Panhandle Veterans Hall of Honor from 1990-2020.  New names and stories will be added each year.  A click on their name will allow you to read the amazing stories.

Adams Floyd  Adams Floyd PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII – North Africa, Rhineland, Central Europe

Andrews Roy Andrews Roy PVHOHUS NAVY: Mexican Campaign, WWI, WWII

Austin Charles Austin Charles PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII – Fighter Pilot. KIA Limetz France when Thunderbolt Etta II shot down.

Aven Hilrey

Aven Hilrey PVHOH

US NAVY: WWII – Okinawa

Ayres Jimmy  Ayres Jimmy PVHOHUSAF: Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Aircraft Commander, Flight Examiner. KIA 2nd Tour of Duty, Vietnam, F4E Phantom shot down.

Babcock Bud Babcock Edward PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII 7th Armored Division, Battle of the Bulge, etc

Baker Arthur Baker Arthur PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII POW Corregidor

Barnett Larry

Barnett Larry PVHOHUS ARMY: Vietnam

Beasley Charles Beasley Chester PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII POW Germany

Bewley Ira Bewley Ira PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII Pacific

Bird Milo “Billy”


Bird Richard Bird Richard PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII POW Germany

Black Kenneth

Black Kenneth PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII – Belly Turret Gunner B24 Liberator

Britt Benjamin Britt PVHOHUS ARMY: West Point, 101st Airborne, Iraq, KIA Baghdad

Brooks Wayne Brooks PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII Pacific

Brown Roger Brown Roger PVHOHUS ARMY: Vietnam

Buck Bryan T

Buck Bryan PVHOH

US ARMY: WWII/Korea – Okinawa – West Point Instructor

Carter Gearld Carter Gerald PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII POW Germany

Chaney John Jr Chaney Jr John PVHOHUS ARMY AIR CORPS: WWII POW Germany

Chase Jim Chase Jim PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII Pacific, Pilot Avenger

Coker Irman Coker Irman PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII Pacific, Guam, Iwo Jima

Coleman John Coleman John PVHOHUS ARMY AIR CORPS: WWII Pacific, POW Bataan Death March

Conner Ricky

Conner Ricky PVHOH

US ARMY: Iraq/Afghanistan

Conrad Cliff Conrad Cliff PVHOHUS ARMY AIR CORPS: WWII North Africa, Italy

Cooke Joe Cooke Joe PVHOHUS NAVY: Vietnam, A4C Skyhawk Pilot, KIA

Cornelius Danny Cornelius Ira PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII North Africa, Italy, Pilot Martin B-26

Cowan Pappy  Cowan Pappy PVHOHUS ARMY: Korea, Vietnam – Helicopter Pilot

Cowan Randale Cowan Randale PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII Europe. B-17 top turret gunner

Creek Thomas Creek Thomas PVHOHUS MARINES: Vietnam, KIA at Cam Lo, CMH

Culberston BillCulbertson Bill PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII Pacific, Pilot, bombed Japan, Berlin Air Lift

Curry Bob Curry Bob PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII Pacific Iwo Jima, Okinawa

Davis David Davis PVHOHUS ARMY: Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan/Iraq) KIA Kabul

Dempsey Chuck Dempsey Chuck PVHOHARMY AIR CORP/USAF: WWII, AAF Scotland, Test Pilot

Dirks Larry Dirks Larry PVHOHUS ARMY: Vietnam Helicopter Pilot

Dowers Alfred Dowers Alfred PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII POW Bataan Death March

Dunham Richard

Dunham Dick PVHOH

US ARMY: KOREA and VIETNAM, Pentagon, Defense Intelligence Agency

Downs Curtis Downs Curtis PVHOHUS ARMY: Korea, Vietnam (Airborne), DOE

Drake Dwight Drake Dwight PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS/USAF: WWII Navigation Officer B-26 Europe. Korea

Dunn Rick Dunn Rick PVHOHUS ARMY: Vietnam, Panama

Duvall Jim

Duvall Jim PVHOH

US ARMY: Vietnam

Earles Edward Earles Larry PVHOHUS ARMY: Vietnam, Helicopter Pilot

Emmons Don Emmons Don PVHOHUS ARMY: Korea, “Operation Indian Head” Kunuri

Evans Bud Evans Bud PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII Pacific

Ferguson, Paul Jr.


Field John Wallace Fields John PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS/USAF: WWII, Korea – Pilot B-17

Fletcher Leo Fletcher Leo PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS/USAF: WWII Pilot

Foote Michael

Foote Michael PVHOHUS ARMY: Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Fowler W S Fowler WS PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII Pilot torpedo bomber

Frazier Homer Frazier Homer PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII POW Germany Stalag 3

Gallimore Lewis Gallimore Lewis PVHOHUS MARINES: WWII Pacific, Iwo Jima, Guam, Guadalcanal, etc

Gill Joe Gill Joe PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII Europe, San Peitro

Gooding Ron Gooding Ron PVHOHUS ARMY: Vietnam, West Point, Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces, Brigade Surgeon, Germany, Chief of Staff

Graves Thomas (on left)Graves Thomas PVHOHUS ARMY: WWI KIA St. Etienne

Gray Marvin Gray Marvin PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII, Corp of Engineers, Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Battle of the Bulge, Central Europe

Grayson David Grayson David PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII Europe

Gregg F Browne Gregg Browne PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII Pilot B-26, Dyslexia, Parachute wedding dress

Hardaway John Hardaway John PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII North Africa, Italy. Lost his legs in combat at Cassino

Harrison James Harrison JW PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII Japanese POW KIA


Hawkins Edgar Hawkins Edgar PVHOHUSAF: Vietnam Pilot F105D, KIA

Heeter Gary

Heeter 2 PVHOH

US ARMY: Vietnam, lost his leg, clutching cross

Henderson Miles Henderson Miles PVHOHUS ARMY: Operation Iraqi Freedom, Apache Pilot, KIA Iraq

Hendrickson Richard Hendrickson Richard PVHOHUS ARMY: North Africa, armored division, scout, demo man, etc

Hernandez Frank Hernandez Frank PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII D-Day

Hernandez Joe Hernandez Joe PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII Rhine River – courier

Hills Shaun Hills Shaun PVHOHUS ARMY: Vietnam Airborne, Germany

Hite Bob Hite Bob PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII B-25 Pilot, Doolittle Raider POW, Korea

Hoffman Clayton

Hoffman Clay PVHOH

US ARMY, CHAPLAIN CORP: Desert Storm, Kuwait, Pentagon

Holley Charles Holley Charles PVHOHUS ARMY: Vietnam Helicopter Pilot, Scout Pilot, NASA R&D

Hoover Chris Hoover Chris PVHOHUSAF: Iraq/Afghanistan, Special Forces, Combat Control

Howard George Howard George PVHOHUS NAVY: Vietnam, Medic assigned to 3rd Marines

Howell Ron

Howell Ron PVHOH

US ARMY: Vietnam, Airborne

Hoyt Norris Hoyt Norris PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII “Blue Devils” Italy

Huston Seth Huston PVHOHUS MARINES: Iraqi Freedom, KIA Baghdad

Izzard Bob Izzard Bob PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII Fighter Pilot

Jeffers Gene Jeffers Gene PVHOHUS COAST GUARD: WWII South Pacific, Leyte, New Guinea, etc

Jones Golden Jones Golden PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII B-24 Pilot, Italy

Jones Royce Jones Royce PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII B-29 Navigator, bomb Japan, etc.

Jones Sherman Jones Sherman PVHOHUS ARMY: Korea POW – Sunchon

Lance Kenneth Lance Kenneth PVHOHUS ARMY: Korea, Medical Tank Division, Veitnam Helicopter Pilot

Lance Robert Lance Robert PVHOHUS MARINES: WWII, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima – Suribachi

Laycock Raymond Laycock Raymond PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Rhine River, etc.  Returned to become doctor

Lebow Cleatus Lebow Cleatus PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII USS Indianapolis, A-bomb

Leverich Jim Leverich Jim PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII B-25 Pilot, C-47 Pilot

Lock Clayton Lock Clayton PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII, Korea, Vietnam

Lutz Edmund Lutz Ed PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII B-17 Pilot, B-29 Pilot “Nazi Germany”

Malaney Dempsey Malaney Dempsey PVHOHUS ARMY: Vietnam to Desert Storm

Mann Everett

Mann Everett PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII – Atlantic and Pacific – Naval Architect and Marine Engineer

Martin Danny

Martin Danny PVHOH

US ARMY: Vietnam

Mathies Rabbit Mathies PVHOHUS MARINES: WWII Pacific KIA Tarawa

McGovern George McGovern George PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII B-24 Pilot Germany

McGregor Harry McGreagor Harry PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII B-24 Pilot KIA Rhineland

Miller Dannie

Miller Dannie PVHOH

US ARMY: Vietnam

Miller James Miller James PVHOHUS ARMY: Korea

Morgan John Morgan Red PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII, RCAF, RAF Europe, B-17 Pilot, CMH

Neal Billy Neal Billy PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII, Patton’s Army, recon

Nelson John Nelson John PVHOHUS ARMY: West Point, WWII, Korea, Airborne KIA

Organ Rick Organ Rick PVHOHUS ARMY: Vietnam “Operation Junction City” tunnel rat

Osborne Jack Osborne Jack PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII Pilot Avenger torpedo bomber, Pacific

Owens Bill Owens Bill PVHOHUS ARMY: Korea, Atomic Testing at Sandia

Pairsh Welby Pairsh Welby PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII – major South Pacific battles

Parnell Garrett Parnell Garrett PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII B-24 ball turret funner, KIA Europe

Porter Mike Porter Mike PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII Pilot B-24 Germany

Pullen Robert Pullen Robert PVHOHUS ARMY: Vietnam “Tet Offensive”

Raber Addison Raber Addison PVHOHUS MARINE AIR CORPS: WWII Fighter Pilot

Rader Don Rader Don PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII Rhineland, Battle of the Bulge

Rake Oran

Rake Oran PVHOH 2

US AIR FORCE: WWII – Europe – P-47 Pilot – KIA

Ramey Jack Ramey Jack PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII Medic, South Pacific

Ratliff Homer Ratliff Homer PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Lorraine, Army Band

Reeves Alvin Reeves Alvin PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII, 12th Armored Division, D-Day

Reid Raymond Reid Raymond PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII Pearl Harbor, Bomber Pilot

Roan Charles Roan Charles PVHOHUS MARINES: WWII Pacific, KIA Peleliu, CMH

Robbins Dale Robbins Dale PVHOHUS MARINES, NAVY, COAST GUARD: WWII, Korea, Vietnam

Ross Veril Ross Veril PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII, Europe, Rhineland

Seals Melvin Seals Melvin PVHOHUS MARINES: WWII South Pacific, 4th Division, KIA Iwo Jima

Simpson Everett Simpson Seldon PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII Salerno, Italy and Southern France. Retired Major General

Sims Bill Sims Bill PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII D-Day, Signal Corps

Smith Douglas Smith Doug PVHOHUS MARINES: WWII Corsair Pilot

Stephens JW Stephens Joe PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII South Pacific, Pilot B-24 mine layer

Stovall Neal Stovall Neal PVHOHUSAF: Vietnam, Advisor, Missile Launch Instructor, Pilot A-1E, F-5, C-47, AF-47, RC-47, O1-4 and A-37

Teague Weldon Teague Weldon PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII North Africa, Italy, recon; Korea; Germany – intelligence

Terrel Dean Terrel Dean PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII Germany B-17 Pilot

Theisen George Theisen George PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII North Africa, Italy, armored regiment

Thomas Garth Thomas Garth PVHOHUS MARINES: WWII Pilot Avenger torpedo bomber, Pacific

Thomas Homer Thomas Homer PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII – tanker, Battle of the Bulge

Thomas Jerrold Thomas Jerrold PVHOHUS NAVY: WWII USS Santee – first ship to receive suicide bomber attack

Thomas Ralph Thomas Ralph PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII, India, Korea (logistics)

Traweek, Leslie Carl


Tung Richard

Tung Richard PVHOH

US ARMY AIR CORPS: WWII, Rhineland, Ardennes, Northern France

Waters Bill Waters Bill PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII Europe, Combat Engineers, mine fields

Watson Florene Watson Florene PVHOHWASPS: WWII, Commander of WASP at Love Field. Multi-aircraft qualified. Tested radar equipment.

Wells John Keith Wells John PVHOHUS MARINES: WWII South Pacific, Iwo Jima – Suribachi

Wheat Dewey D “Buddy”


Wheat James Wheat James PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII D-Day, B-17 Pilot over Germany

Williamson Bill Williamson Bill PVHOHUS ARMY: WWII South Pacific, Leyte, Okinawa, Japanese Hokkaido Island POW Camp

Young Jack Young Jack PVHOHARMY AIR CORP/USAF: WWII B-70 and B-25 Pilot; Korea A-26 Pilot, Berling Air Lift, Vietnam

Youngblood Lucian Youngblood Lucian PVHOHARMY AIR CORPS: WWII B-25 Pilot, Doolittle Raider, escaped.  From Pampa