M998 HMMWV arrives today


Freedom Museum is excited to announce the arrival of its newest static display and looks forward to finding out about its military history and sharing it with museum visitors.  Stop by soon and see all that Freedom Museum has to offer.  Thanks to Andy Epps, curator, and Joe Reed with Koyote Trucking for bringing this vehicle to Pampa.

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1 Response to M998 HMMWV arrives today

  1. Dewey D. "Buddy" Wheat, Jr. says:

    Thanks, troopers! That critter looks identical to the one I rode all through Desert Storm – roughest ride I ever had. Keep up the great work.

    Rev. Dr. Dewey D. “Buddy” Wheat, Jr., D.Min.
    Colonel, FA, USA, (Ret)
    PHS ’69
    WT ’73

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